Interview With Cherry

What results can I expect?

My driving passion and attitude is simple: I want to help and inspire people off all abilities. My services have no boundaries, every goal is achievable, and it only takes two things: the right mind set and correct plan of action. I will get the best out of you, your whole mind-set will shift and you will be ready to take on the world. You are limitless, there are no limitations except the ones you put on yourself. I will help you become the best version of yourself and support you every step of the way. I leave no stone un-turned to getting you pain free & moving better & more freely.

How quickly can I expect results?

Everyone Is individual and it can depend on multiple factors such as which programme you choose and how multifaceted your condition is but it can be as quick as getting completely pain free in within three months or take as long as eight months.

It sounds great but I don’t have time?

People always say they don’t have time for themselves, but how much time do you want to spend in pain when the sooner you get started the sooner you can be pain FREE. It’s only one hour for a session.

Do I need to be fit to keep up in the sessions?

No it’s not about fitness or even flexibility. It’s about getting pain free. You can be the most unfit person ever or even in your 90’s you can still do Pilates. After some time you will naturally become fitter, stronger and more flexible.

Is it going to be really hard?

No – each programme is designed to each client – we work at your pace. After sometime I can guarantee you will be asking me to make it harder as you start to improve and want to see quicker results.

Okay, I know which package I want, How do we get started?

All you have to do is fill in the form on the home page for your FREE Pilates Taster Session where we will create a vision for your future, then make it happen.

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