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As a hairdresser standing all day I’ve suffered with back pain for many years and just put it down to an occupational hazard! Not until I was recommended to do Pilates by my doctor for my sciatica a friend recommended Cherry. I was unable to do any form of exercise because of my back I am now able to run at least a couple of times a week pain free!!!! I’ve got so much more energy as I am now breathing properly. I can’t recommend Cherry enough; no such thing as an occupational anymore thank you so much.

Mrs A. Kehoe

As a 54 year old asthmatic who has had pneumonia on several occasions over the last few years, my general health and breathing has improved immensely. By seeing Cherry twice a week over a 8 month period I have lost a stone and a half , my breathing has improved so much that I haven’t had an asthma attack in that time period, and I haven’t felt this confident in my body and all over health since my teens. Can’t believe the difference in my physique in such a short period of time. When colleagues who have been going to the gym for a number of years don’t look any different. I would recommend Pilates and Cherry to everyone.

Mr. P. Kehoe

I was seeking a Pilate’s instructor, mainly for back issues, and Cherry was recommended to me by a friend. I really enjoyed our weekly one to one sessions. I found Cherry to be a great communicator; by telling me what moves and stretches would help specific parts of the body. After just a few sessions, I am able to feel and see the difference in my body alignment and my back has improved a lot! I’ve since gone on to recommend Cherry to others, and will continue to do so…. Miss A. Devlin

I began to work with Cherry about 9 months ago. I had been in constant pain for about a year with back pain and issues with tendonitis in my feet. I had done yoga and cycling for a long time but due to problems with my neck and spine i needed to change that. Since starting Pilates i have gained greater strength in my core particularly stomach muscles. However i have gained strength throughout my physique. I have stopped having weekly physiotherapy and not had a bout of tendonitis since either. I feel much more confident about my body and within myself. Working one to one has been great for my own confidence and enabled the sessions to be completely tailored to my needs. Cherry is great to work with and has a thorough understanding of the body and what can help you.

Mr A. Osborne

I have found working 1-to-1 with Cherry hugely beneficial. Not only in helping me get to a place where I once again can move freely without excruciating pain, but also I have been sleeping much better and have found my stress levels are much improved also. Cherry is really nice and straightforward, no nonsense – ex–military, which is refreshing. She knows her stuff and has got me to a place, without pressure, where I am very motivated to continue targeted exercises at home. I have had years of osteopathy which ultimately didn’t help me to get to the root of the issues with my back. Now, after 12 weeks, I feel I can really look ahead with confidence that I am stronger and understand my body much better, I have taken control. I would recommend Cherry to anyone and feel that the 12 week programme was money very well spent. Thank you Cherry! Mrs R. Barnes

I decided I needed to start doing some kind of exercise again but felt it needed to be more stretching / strengthening based. I noticed I could not get up so easily after sitting on the floor , getting on a chair to reach things – not so easy. I was also experiencing general aches and pains and stiffness which I knew to be old age creeping up on me! I decided on a one to one class as I felt too embarrassed to start in a group session. As I had no real idea of what Pilates involved I did not want to show myself up! Also the location and time of the session were important. It has been so easy to train with Cherry as she is such a natural, gentle and encouraging teacher. Although many of the exercises (especially in the beginning) are challenging she guides you through them and you feel, with her encouragement and motivation, able to do them. I feel so much more confident. It is easier getting up off the floor and stepping on to stools etc to reach things. I feel generally more supple and have learnt to incorporate many of the exercises into my day to day activities. I also feel my general wellbeing has improved and I really look forward to joining a group session soon. I am also determined not to let doing the exercises slide!

Mrs S. Granata

I started taking sessions with Cherry May after a long break from Pilates, having seen her advertised on the Nextdoor site. My aim was and is to maintain strength and flexibility. I was convinced after my free taster session. I have found Cherry to be a good listener, keen to adapt and respond to individual changes, for example my painful knee. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and knows when to push a bit more, or ease off. I have definitely seen improvements across the board since I signed up last year, and had no hesitation recently in committing to a further 6 months. Ms A. Grant

I started a couple of months ago at Triquetra as I suffer a lot with arthritis pain in my hips in winter particularly January. I thought I could get better mobility and to be more comfortable before January, I have been working with Cherry weekly for a few months and I have to say that from the first and second week I felt stable around my hip joints and felt a suppleness that I’ve never felt before as I have finally done the vital work that my hips always needed. I had a hip replacement 15 years and only after 2 weeks of working with Cherry I achieved this level of tightened lower back and pelvis. I have had a pain free winter. As it has been so great working Cherry I am carrying on for the foreseeable future as I could then be in good shape when I’m in my 60’s ( I am in my 50’s at the moment), I can feel that those years will be greater for me if I invest now in my joint improvement with Pilates. Working one to one with Cherry has meant that I am being instructed for my particular needs and I am getting great results. I recommend Cherry highly as a great coach, she is very understanding, patient and intuitive of getting the best out of the sessions for your mobility needs, it’s a great investment for your body, Thank you so much Cherry.

Mrs A. Lanoe

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