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Triquetra Pilates
Hello and welcome to Triquetra Pilates YouTube channel. If you keep seeing this video..... its because you haven't subscribed yet!Click SUBSCRIBE to get the best Triquetra Pilates content delivered directly to you!I'm pleased you're here and I hope you get a ton of value out of what you find. I've been a Pilates Instructor since April 2015 and my biggest passion is to help as many people as possible get pain FREE as well as strong & flexible. I aim to do this be providing bespoke training sessions for clients by Providing Pain Relief solution through Physical Rehabilitation Whilst also creating a space to help the Mind & Spirit. Encompassing a Mind, Body & Spirit Experience. Triquetra Pilates works with both men and women. It is all about getting pain free and staying pain free for life so you can look, feel and move better.I have placed videos in playlists to help make it easier to find what you want.Enjoy the videos and I'd love to hear from you :).Cherry
A Z of Pilates = Flow of Movement
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Published at 2019, March 26
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